Quotes are always free.

Some basic examples of our pricing.

All of the following are for very basic and straight forward repairs.   Any increases due to variability of your needs will be agreed upon before work begins.  We guarantee all of our work.


Basic Service Call       $40

This is the basic minimum charge for work perform. This is a good starting point for small things that that aren’t on this list. But, quotes are always free, and if your problem turns out to be a non-issue, you wont be charged. If I dont work, you dont get charged.

Leaky Facuet       $40 + Parts

Parts for a leaky faucet could be anywhere from a $1 gasket to new faucet. The most basic new kitchen faucet is priced around $22 dollars. If it turns out the faucet needs replaced, the cost will be $40 + the cost of the faucet and parts. This price does not include the more complex faucet systems.

Clogged Drain       $40 + parts

Usually, parts on a clogged drain are not needed. The standard will usually be that the drain simply needs to be unclogged with a drain snake. But, please be aware that at times, main drain lines become clogged with roots down line from the house. In these cases, the cost will be higher.

Ceiling Fan       $40 + Fan

Fans vary in price and its up to you to chose your fan. If you are not picky, Id be happy to choose a fan for you. Just mention whether you would like something durable, attractive, or simply the cheapest. The cost for installation is just $40.

Yard Service       $40

This includes mowing, weed eating, and edging for a standard 1/4 acre property. Front and Back.

Haul Away       $40 per load

This includes both green and standard junk.

Clean Gutters       $50

Any single story home up to $2500 sqft in size.

Appliance Installation       $80

Includes Gas and Electric as well as removal and disposal of old unit.

New door       $50

Installation of a new door in its frame. If your door is simply loose on the hinges, the repair can be done more cheaply.

Duct Repair       $200

Usually requiring access to an attic or crawl space. Otherwise, a discount will be applied.

Glass Replacement       $50 + glass

Traditional single pain glass will be replaced. Newer modular windows will need to be removed and rebuilt. In either case, the cost is the same while the glass or window rebuild will be extra.

Driveway Repair       $200 - $500

If you have cracks in your driveway that you think are ugly, this is the solution for you. We will cut out the cracks and replace them with decorative brick or stone.

Sheetrock Repair       $40

For standard holes in sheet rock such as door handle holes in walls or small accidental breaks.